Brand Riff v1.1

Brand Riff v1.1

☀ Reason for Being

What the world would miss if we don’t do this.

Every body and mind refreshed.

We want to live in a world where every human has easy access to refreshing, regenerative practices —like sauna—that make you feel amazing, boost your health and fill your tanks with energy to put back into your life, your community and the world.

💡 Insights & Opportunities

Sauna demand is on the rise and current producers have low trust, so existing potential customers are under-served.

  • Sauna demand is on the rise in line with increased interest in recovery oriented products in health and wellbeing, and thanks to the increased focus on home-based health and fitness that started before COVID and has been accelerated further by it.
  • At the same time the current producer market, particularly in the Infrared space, is characterized by confusing options: a lot of hype-y claims not matched by trusted brands, uneven product innovation and quality, and low quality customer experiences from purchase to usage.
  • So people who are already in the mode to consider sauna are underserved (and often sidelined) thanks to this current mix of producers and their offerings.

Untapped and growing group of sauna-curious.

  • There’s an adjacent, untapped and growing group of sauna-curious consumers who are looking for new recovery moves but haven’t thought sauna at home was possible (space, cost, experience, lack of available options) for them.
  • Companies across consumer categories—from stationary bikes to toothpaste—are demonstrating the growth opportunity possible when you bring a top-notch CX + brand ("doing good in the world" — sustainability, ethical biz, activist positions) to previously poorly served categories.

So you’ve got rising demand, in a category with generally low quality/cx options at a time when consumers are showing increased preference for carefully composed experiences from front to back.

There’s an opportunity for Florens to lead at the intersection of this long proven recovery mode and a beautifully composed consumer experience the (growing) space has lacked.

🎯 Target

Who we’re trying to reach

We’re for wellbeing seekers.

People who are on the lookout for new ways to move the needle on their health and happiness.

Already in tune with the benefits of fitness and eating better (and likely doing one or both), these are folks looking to add new moves for recovery and refresh. Theirs are the ears that perk up with curiosity when the conversation turns to breathing routines, cold showers, mindfulness modes, and other new things to try. ("already plugged in", "at the forefront of wellbeing techniques")

Whether for fitness-focused recovery, therapeutic uses in response to an illness or condition, resetting body and mind for relaxation, building immune resilience or others… the goal is the same: finding additional health boosts that feel great and involve less work than things they’re already committed to.

They’re also still time crunched and accustomed to the superior direct to consumer experiences coming to all sorts of categories these days. So they’ve got a high expectation bar for brands they work with. They’ll make investments in their wellbeing, but the front to back customer experience had better be transparent, attentive and carefully tuned to fit into the rhythms and spaces of their life.

🙁 Issue

The problem we're solving

Physical and mental refresh—catching a breath for our body and mind—is critical for better health and happiness.

But it’s really hard for many of us to get our hands on, particularly on top of wellbeing activity commitments we’re already putting scarce time to like fitness. The more accessible practices like meditation and breathwork are awesome but tough for a lot of folks to get grooved or really feel at a body level.

And stuff like sauna that we think of as capable of doing the body + mind job more directly often feel spa-ish, like a luxury that’s beyond our reach in all but special circumstances. So we banish those moves to the “not possible for me” realm, and miss out on practices that can make us feel incredible and boost our health, without a lot of work.


The key strategic idea (not a tagline)

A simple, accessible way to get feeling incredible into your daily life and reliably refresh your body and mind.


📝 Support

Relevant facts

Sauna and related heat traditions have refreshed and rejuvenated us for 1000’s of years. But the path to incorporating this proven practice into modern daily life is full of hurdles, from few sauna options outside the home, to a confusing spray of in-home products that require too much space and money, to no guidance for building this refresher into a real life with limited time.

Introducing Florens: the new wellbeing company that makes it possible for people to sustainably incorporate an incredible feeling health boost and refresh practice into daily life.

  • For any space: small footprint, resistive heat experience that plugs into a standard wall outlet with no dedicated circuit required, a lower power draw and sub 10 minute heat up.
  • Delightfully simple: order directly through our website and track your sauna from creation to the delivery of your flat packed unit which can be assembled in ~30 minutes and moved any time you want a change of scenery.
  • For all your senses: foundational heat plus light therapy, sound and aromatherapy - all experienced from superior seating ergonomics, and controllable by a mobile app for advanced setup or disappearing touch screen for in-sauna tuning of your settings while you’re refreshing.
  • Contemporary tradition:  time honored and nurturing ingredients of heat, wood and stone, woven together anew  in a clean contemporary design with a light visual footprint that fits easily into your decor, and built from materials that play nicely with our planet.
  • Guided habit help: choose from expert programming and protocols for building your refresh routines, or experiment with new mixes to find the routines and variety that work for you.
  • Openly supported: a transparent, educational and delight-seeking customer support experience from builders of amazing direct to consumer experiences, not product wholesalers.
  • Founded with Passion: created by founders who saw their bodies and minds rejuvenated by sauna and its ilk - from Onsen in Japan to bathhouses in California to traditional heat sauna in their basement in Virginia.


What we believe

  • On resistive vs. IR… people enjoy both, we personally prefer dry heat, and feel like there are no good options for small footprint dry heat at home, so we’re building one.
  • On social vs. solo… the social element of heat experiences across the ages is wonderful.  So are the contemplative, reset benefits of heat time on your own. We believe the latter are harder for most to solve for, so we’re starting there.
  • On simplicity vs. features… this is a “both and” for us. We believe the sauna experience from control to in-sauna use can be so much more than it is today. And we believe simple, elegant design can give users an easy and intuitive path to that capacity.
  • On sustainability… a condition for existence in our view. Our units have to be made from sustainably sourced materials, have a light energy requirement to run, and have a known lifecycle from creation all the way to end of life and back into some next cycle. And we want to challenge ourselves with two additional layers to the environmental cake. Above, how can we make choices that move us into regenerative territory? And below, how can we understand any places where we might be extractive, call them out and act on them? Such that the net of our Regenerative + Sustainable - Extractive moves is positive and trending more so.
  • On affordability… we believe lots of what’s out there fails the value for money test. And that plenty of it is too out of reach for too many on plain old price tag. So our aim here is twofold. First create the best value/per dollar there is. And second, do so at a starting price point that’s meaningfully lower than the higher value options of today. (how to add — we want to make sauna accessible to all, and lowering price matters.)
  • On what’s “traditional/authentic”... the “tradition” we anchor in is the use across many cultures of heat experiences for refresh, recharge, reflection, and lots of other great R’s.  We’re working to both a) build off the immutable elements of those traditions to create something that honors them all, and b) is a new, inclusive step down this regenerative path.
  • On health and feel good balance… we see a big part of our mission to be spreaders of the good word on sauna generally, whether our product or no. There are many proven health benefits to sauna which we’ll celebrate and educate about. But we’ll stay away from the rhetoric we see that gets over-heated and preachy, focusing instead on also evangelizing about what we know to be true… that sauna feels amazing even as it provides its wonderful health boost.
  • On impact… we think a better sauna experience can draw many more people to this proven regenerative practice, which will also bring down the time we spend on extractive practices so prevalent in modern life. Imagine what’s possible for our lives and our world if more people have easy access to a refreshed state of mind and all the calm, creativity and innovation that can flow from it.
  • On the good kind (hormetic) of stress... we're for it. And by "good kind" we mean positive, short term stressors that cause our bodies and minds to adapt in helpful ways. High intensity exercise, intermittent fasting, heat exposure (like sauna), cold exposure, these are all hormetic stressors. Evolution wired us to handle and get stronger from them. But modern life (constant indoor temps, constant caloric abundance, less movement) keeps us from turning on this important wiring. Instead we're more often stuck in the opposite state... a chronic low grade stress mode... always around, at a low boil and terrible for our health. So more (hormetic) stressors please, including the ones that also feel amazing.
  • On diversity, inclusion, and belonging... yes, yes, and yes. So many dimensions here. Race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, body type. We're moved by impacting people's health and how they feel. Not by some conventional notion of how they look. So we need to design for all.

🌎 Impact Callout

What we aim for

At the core of Florens is a belief that we should all have access to safe spaces for bits of brain, body and heart recharge when we need them — and that if we did, we’d be happier and healthier in the day-to-day... even as we build long term resilience and peace of mind that can bring about all sorts of good stuff in our lives and the world.

By bringing something new to the sauna market now, we see a big opportunity to bring these refresh spaces to communities across the socio-economic spectrum through a giveback approach.  Every purchase of a Florens unit will fund the development and deployment of innovative recharge programs in places and for people that need it, regardless of economic circumstance.

Ultimately we aim to stimulate more innovation in the space and drive down costs so that not only can we make saunas economically feasible for more people, we can also be part of imagining and bringing to life a wave of new ways to refresh that don’t exist today.

💅 Personality

How we behave

















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